Lisa-Stephanie Valme, MS, MA Counseling & Art Therapy Intern

I am a licensed Art Teacher and a Clinical Counseling/Art Therapy Intern who has worked extensively with children, adolescents, and young adults in hospital, school, and community mental health settings. I speak English, French, Haitian Creole, and Spanish, and I am passionate about working with people from different intersectional backgrounds. As an immigrant myself, I value different unique perspectives and cultures. I am also a fierce advocate for overlapping social identities and oppressed communities. I strongly believe in the power of solidarity and feeling understood while overcoming and dismantling systemic stressors.
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Embracing Change
Lisa-Stephanie Valme, MS, MA Counseling & Art Therapy Intern

Embracing Change with Work

In this present day, we often find ourselves attaching our worth as individuals to our work and careers. Though these are difficult perspectives to unlearn, it is important for us to be reminded that our professional accomplishments are not always directly correlated with our authentic and fulfilled selves. If you find yourself contemplating a change but are fearful of going through with it; remember that though leaving is stressful, staying can sometimes bring more distress.

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