Sondra Mailling LCPC, BC-DMT, GLCMA

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist

I am a licensed clinical professional counselor and a board-certified dance/movement therapist. I bring an embodied and creative approach to psychotherapy that is influenced by my experience as a movement analyst, dancer, and choreographer. I incorporate body-based techniques and mindfulness in a person-centered approach, meaning I help you find healing and wholeness by connecting to your body and learning to be present in the moment with your experience. This empowers you to take ownership of your whole self and initiate change and growth.

As a trauma-informed practitioner, I work with adult survivors of sexual abuse, domestic violence, childhood trauma, and community-based violence. I also work with individuals living with anxiety, depression, and a history of mental illness. I have over a decade of experience working in the mental health field in residential, day program, and outpatient hospital settings that have afforded me the skills to guide clients who seek ongoing support.

I also work extensively with the Deaf community. I am fluent in American Sign Language and am passionate about providing culturally sensitive therapy to Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals across the lifespan. My research on dance/movement therapy and culturally affirmative practices with Deaf adults who have mental illness was published in the American Journal of Dance Therapy.

As an advocate for professional development and research supporting the growth of my field, I formerly served as the secretary of the Illinois Chapter of the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) and on the Research Subcommittee of the ADTA. I was a co-recipient of the 2018 Alumni of the Year Award from Columbia College Chicago, where I obtained my Master’s degree and the 2018 Exceptional Service Award from the ADTA. I continue to stay active in dance/movement therapy advocacy and research so I can provide my clients with compassionate care that is based on the newest developments in my field.

Sondra is fluent in American Sign Language.

The face of a person covered with a cotton-like material facemask, while with the appearance of being crying by wetness in eyes. Used as a representation of a person in traumatic distress or sadness that could benefit from Trauma Informed Therapy.

What is Trauma-Informed Therapy?

Trauma-informed therapy is a holistic approach that recognizes that nearly all humans have experienced some sort of trauma, whether that be an acute event like an assault, ongoing trauma like childhood sexual abuse, or a collective trauma like the COVID-19 pandemic. I am committed to providing such care to my clients.

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