The year is coming to a close and it is time to prepare for the holidays. For many, the holidays can cause stress, anxiety, and sadness. Today I want to share with you how creating a self-care routine can help manage unwanted holiday feelings.

Self-Care Routine for the Holidays:

A self-care routine can look different for everyone. The primary purpose of practicing self-care is prioritizing YOU. During the holiday season, stress can occur for a variety of reasons, and having a self-care routine can get you through the holiday. Below are some questions and tips that can help.

What makes you feel good?

Make time for yourself and things you enjoy.

What are some activities you can do that you like?

What food or treat can you plan to have this season?

Treat yourself to making something from home, or purchasing one.

Who will you spend time with this year?

Spend time and energy with the right people

Do you have a favorite holiday drink?

Try a new holiday beverage

Create a fun music playlist

Positive, uplifting, and filled with songs that make you sing along or dance to

Who can you reach out to for support?

Make a list

Action plan

Write down your action plan. Danny’s Place has a simple worksheet to help you organize a self-care action plan. The worksheet encourages you to self-reflect, identify stressors, and write down your resources/support. Set time aside to reflect and become aware of your feelings about the upcoming holidays and create a self-care routine that will best support you.Helpful reminder, take one day at a time or one week at a time. The holiday season will last for a short time. Look forward to the new year and new opportunities!

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